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Maura Guerrera

Sicilian singer is Marseillaise of adoption since 2013. Maura Guerrera chooses to dedicate her artistic work to the study, valorization and transmission of the neglected peasant songs of the Sicilian oral tradition. 
The Messinese artist collects and transforms the suggestions of the rich ritual-symbolic heritage of the oral tradition, to develop a personal poetics, also thanks to the collaboration with musicians from different fields: contemporary music in the case of the meeting with Daniele Del Monaco, Chaoui and Cabila music with the meeting with the Algerian musician Malik Ziad, and the collaboration with classically trained musicians such as pianist Katia Pesti and multi-instrumentalist Giancarlo Parisi.    
   She got acquainted with the Sicilian musical culture of oral tradition since 1996, thanks to her meeting with musicians carrying the agropastoral musical tradition of the Peloritani Mountains, near Messina.

« One of the most interesting voices of the Sicilian world music, Maura Guerrera is an artist and researcher from Messina who lives and works in the multicultural bullion of Marseille. » G. ATTARDI ( SICILIAN POST 2020)
« Maura Guerrera lives Sicilian music by relating to the beauty of the repertoires, vocal inflections and executive techniques, with the dedication of those trained in studies, readings and listening, but also shows the ability to trace their own stylistic reflection on traditional oral materials, naturally combining her singing with Ziad's cordophones and percussion, which produce a stripped-down sound that does not seek clutter, built on string arpeggios and percussive impulses that know how to support Maura's luminous voice. »  Ciro De Rosa ( - February 2020)

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